Octoopi Smart Energy


The major problems arising from the inability to manage the high energy needs of the boats and especially the boats anchored in the bays and the lack of management of the service batteries used to meet them are:

Octoopi Smart Energy
  • Problems arising from using more than one battery in parallel to meet the energy needs of the boats.
    • The temperature differences that occur are disrupting the batteries and the entire system collapses (the weakest link principle)
    • Risk of getting out of battery in the middle of the sea
Octoopi Smart Energy
  • Problems that occur as the battery capacity grows.
    • Need for larger (expensive) chargers
Octoopi Smart Energy
  • Problems that occur as the battery capacity grows.
    • Sources such as solar panel, wind turbine are not filling the batteries
Octoopi Smart Energy
  • Battery replacement and economic waste due to the lack of battery health monitoring

For safety reasons, the battery group is completely replaced averagely every two years on existing boats. For example, for a 15-20 meter sailboat with four batteries of 12V 165Ah, the battery consumption in 10 years in the conventional system is 24 pieces.

Octoopi Smart Energy


Octoopi is a smart energy and group battery management system developed on OctopusBrainTM technology by our own engineers and programmers in Turkey. Octoopi Smart Energy products have been developed with OctopusBrainTM technology, which ensures that each battery in the battery groups used in boats (which are mostly connected in parallel in conventional systems) are automatically and sequentially charged, consumed and managed in the same way.

In this technology architecture, there is always a full battery, and we can monitor and manage individual states, including the consumption of each battery.

OctopusBrainTM is an AI (artificial intelligence) based smart software algorithm and electronic hardware technology developed by MERTECH. This patent-pending technology, developed for the first time in the world and brought into the field of BMS, is used in the entire Octoopi product family of MERTECH.
Octoopi Smart Energy


  • You do not have to connect the batteries in parallel.
  • Automatically carries out charge, discharge, monitoring and management of each battery separately.
  • Thanks to this technology, the batteries are operated independently and although they are not connected in parallel - in cases where instant high current due to the load is required - it can operate as a parallel connected battery group.
  • The risk of being de-energized in the open sea is eliminated as a result of sudden discharge or malfunction of any battery.
  • You do not need to renew the entire battery pack due to the weakening of a battery.
  • It reduces your battery replacement costs by more than 40%.
  • Since the in-line charging can be made with lower capacity chargers, the cost of energy infrastructure on the boat decreases considerably.
  • It is a nature-friendly product with all these aspects.
  • Algorithm that monitors battery health continuously predicts battery life.
  • Prevents problems that may arise from overheating of the batteries with continuous temperature controls.
  • It informs and stores the unusual current and voltage values that may occur in the batteries.
  • Provides easy and interactive usage via advanced screen and smart application.
  • It has user and service friendly product design.
  • It can be installed quickly with a specially developed mounting kit.
  • It offers the possibility of mounting each battery at different points on the boat independently (It is a good solution for boats with lack of enough space).
  • Provides high efficiency and safe battery charging from limited sources such as solar panel, wind turbine.
  • Designed for unfavorable environmental conditions such as high humidity, and extremes of temperature in the open seas and shaking/vibration on board.
  • Supports CanBUS and NMEA2000 communication infrastructure standards.
  • Compatible with different types of batteries (AGM, gel and floaded type).
  • Compatible with all chargers, solar panels, wind turbines and alternators.

Example: The battery consumption in two systems for a 15-20 meter sailboat with four batteries of 12V 165Ah is as follows.
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