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Did you know that you can open the door to a more comfortable and quality life with a Caravan, which is the result of the free life philosophy? As the Octoopi brand, we are creating sustainable alternatives with our solutions that will meet the expectations of almost everyone who wants to enjoy the privileges of traveling with a caravan. The acceleration that Turkey has gained in caravanning and the fact that more and more people are turning to this area every day raises the expectations about caravan needs and camping areas to serious dimensions. As Octoopi, we respond to the expectations of each of our customers with our quality and comfort-oriented solutions.

At sea

Yacht and Boat

When you want to escape from the chaos of the city with a Yacht & Boat holiday, you want luxury and comfort with you, right? A great experience that is secluded but modern and you can make the most of technology! As Octoopi, we offer exquisite options for those who want to experience a Yacht & Boat holiday. For an option that will perfect the experience and open the door to a needs-oriented solution, all you have to do is choose an alternative that will meet your needs!

in nature

Tiny House

Are you dreaming of a simple and secluded life with a minimalist life philosophy? With Octoopi advantages, you will be able to access many alternatives that you will need while making your dreams come true. Would you like to take action for solutions that will improve your Tiny House experience and make you feel quality? Octoopi for a perfect experience and much more!