Octoopi Smart Energy

Our Story

Octoopi Smart Energy products, developed and manufactured by Mertech Electronics and distributed by Eltesan Mobil in Turkey, it eliminates the major problems associated with the battery and power management in the maritime sector.

The Octoopi Smart Energy product idea was the proposal of our founding partners, who are also sailors. They think that they can solve the battery and power problems experienced in the boats by the inspiration of the nature of octopuses in addition to their long years of maritime and professional experience.

Octopuses, one of the smartest creatures in the seas, have 1 central brain and 8 auxiliary brains that move each arm independently. We inspired this structure and designed 1 central unit and 4 battery sensors to manage the batteries independently. As a result of our 2-year intensive R&D studies, a very successful product family emerged.

That's why we wanted to dedicate our brand to octopus, which was our inspiration, and the "Octoopi" brand was born by adding one more “-o” to the plural word “Octopi” in English.

From now on, we will continue to expand our product family and develop technology-intensive, successful products in this field under the Octoopi brand.

Mertech Electronics

MERTECH Electronics is a technology company that implements successful products in marine, automotive and industrial electronics applications. It continues to develop and produce “Control, Communication and Embedded Systems and Power Electronics and Industrial Automation Systems” for large automotive manufacturers such as MERCEDES, MAN, TEMSA, OTOKAR, OTOYOL, GSM companies and many large industrial establishments. With the strong founding team who has more than 25 years product development experience, MERTECH Electronics AS develops high quality, reliable and environmentally friendly products.

Eltesan Mobile

Founded to provide cooling solutions to land and sea vehicles to in 1997, ELTESAN Mobil A.S. has been operating as Turkey Exclusive Distributor of the largest companies, such as DOMETIC (WAECO), ACTIA, HYMER, FISCHER PANDA, in its field. The company, which works for the creation of safer and more comfortable sea and land vehicles, operates in a 2 thousand square meter headquarter building, which includes R&D, sales, operation and management offices.
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